Iowa Nurses Association

LPN Membership in INA Being Considered

Posted 9 months ago

Recently there has been chatter among several Constituent/State Nurses Associations (C/SNA) of the American Nurses Association (ANA) that they are considering extending membership to LPNs in their state. One state initiated an “LPN Forum,” which provided an opportunity for LPNs to network and receive continuing education through the state nursing organization. Another state proposed extending membership to LPNs, but this was not supported by a subsequent membership vote. The Iowa Nurses Association (INA) Board of Directors is exploring extending membership to LPNs.

INA is asking for demographic information and the following questions:
  1. Do you currently belong to a professional nursing organization?
  2. If given the opportunity to join INA, would you consider joining? Please explain.
  3. Would you consider joining INA if the membership dues were set at $99 per year?
  4. How can INA better support Iowa LPNs?
  5. Are you currently attending or planning to attend an LPN to RN program?

Take the survey here!

This survey will be open until September 6, 2019, we encourage all LPN’s to complete the survey and share with other LPN nursing colleagues to make sure they provide their input into this discussion. INA members will have an opportunity to formally weigh in on this issue during the annual meeting on Friday, October 25, 2019.