Iowa Nurses Association

Data Collected on Iowa Advanced Practice Nurse Workforce

Posted 10 months ago

The Office of Statewide Clinical Education Programs (OSCEP) at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine has been collecting data on the Advanced Practice Nurse Workforce since 1999.
The Iowa Nurses Association is a member of the Iowa Advanced Practice Nurse Tracking System Advisory Committee and has been since its onset. The data is based on individual nurse practitioners at their work site. It is not based on home addresses. The long term data tells us that there has never been a year with a net loss of nurse practitioners. The average gain per year has been 141. A quick look at the numbers shows 635 nurse practitioners in 1999 with a total of 2,326 nurse practitioners working in Iowa in 2017. The best news to come from the data is the average age of the workforce. We have seen a remarkable turnaround in the age. Nurses are completing the education and entering the workforce at a younger age. This is a significant difference from early data which showed an aging workforce.
This year at the request of INA, OSCEP put together three maps that overlaid data from physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants for three areas of practice: psyche/mental health, obstetrics/midwifery, and anesthesia. The charts show the number in practice for each profession as well. Charts do not include family practice physicians or other nurse practitioners who may be providing care in one of these areas. The information contained in these charts could be combined with other data to show where there may be a need for health care practitioners. 
OSCEP will create other combinations of data as requested. The full report can be obtained by clicking below.